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Precise Solutions Incorporated - Solutions
  We are a leading IT Services provider with a wide range of services spanning Business, Management and Technology. We provide solutions and services in the following areas

Business Process Consulting

We have been responsible for providing business process consulting services to a broad spectrum of customers ranging from Recruitement houses to Photo agencies and media companies. Our solutions have resulted in streamlining our client's business processes.

Our business analysts will take the time to listen to your problems, thoroughly research the issues and provide you with solutions to solve those problems. We will analyze and re-engineer your business processes to achieve maximum efficiency.

Architecture and Technology Consulting

We will help you make strategic software and hardware decisions based on your need, and not on industry hype. Our goal is to work closely with you to position technology in a cost effective manner, and bring you - our customer - the greatest benefit.

Our highly talented team of architects will analyze your existing systems, and identify problem areas or bottle-necks in those systems. We can then provide technology solutions to addres those bottle-necks.

Our technology architecture consulting practice has many years of experience architecting and building mission critical high availability systems. Our Architects will help you plan, layout and build systems that meet your requirements. We will also help you fine tune your systems, and make sure thet run in the most efficient manner.

IT Consulting

If you are looking for help in application development, we offer the ability to entirely or partially take over your application development, maintenance or enhancement functions.

We have an extensive application development skill set spanning the Microsoft .NET, Java J2EE, and the open source worlds. We can develop state of the art Web 2.0 based systems, across several different technologies to meet your needs.

Having skills that span various technologies, we are technology vendor agnostic. We will provide recommend and provide solutions that meet your requirements, and not systems that require a specific vendor solution.

Staffing Services

We realize that for security purposes you may need expertise in-house. For this we provide high quality pre-screened personnel to work on-site, at your location. Our consultants have a keen eye for quality, and we will stand behind each consultant placed at your location.

While being highly talented and skilled themselves, our consultants can draw upon the skills set of other personnel in our other areas of practice. This gives you a set of well rounded skills available at your own location.